Anti-harassment team

Task description

The mail alias has been setup as contact point for Debian event organizers willing to have an anti-harassment policy.

It's also a contact point for members of the Debian community that want to inform about violations of the Debian Code of Conduct or the DebConf Code of Conduct.

We will treat your request with dignity and confidentiality, investigate, and take or propose whatever actions appropriate.

Usual roles

(There are very loose plans for an official delegation, pending time commitments.)

Emeritus members

Thanks to these persons for their previous dedication to this task:

Interacting with the team

This is a private email contact that's forwarded to the people in the anti-harassment team.

Reports of the team

Further info

Note: this section is "work in progress". Some more links will be posted, maybe some deleted to keep the list simple, and hopefully, the content will be organized in topics.

On policies to prevent/deal with harassment:

Adopt a Language of Respect and Equality:

(Most of these readings are targeted at sexism, but just pretend you are reading about ethnic minorities, disabled people, whatever group under-represented in Debian, and voilà! It still works!)