Greetings from Finland!

My name is Anne, I live in Northern Karelia. My passions are computers, Linux and open source. I also like to learn new things about computing.

I have used Linux since 2000. I have tried various distros from Slackware to Fedora Core. At the moment I use Ubuntu and Debian, those are my favorite distros :)

How I become interested in Linux? First I try to find a cheap computer and then I noticed that I didn't like MS Windows. Then I saw few articles about Linus Torvalds and operating system called Linux. So, I decided to try it and I have been addicted ever since. I'm also very interested in possibilities to recycling of computers and components, how we could use these again. Today in our world we buy things, use it a while and then throw it away. That is not very economical or ecological either. I am a member of, i18-mentor group and I have join Debian-Women and Ubuntu-Women just recently.