Do you have problems with your wiki password account data?

I tried to recover my password from the Debian Wiki page and surprise, it didn't work. The system sent me an email with this (I changed the password of course):

Somebody has requested to submit your account data to this email address. If you lost your password, please use the data below and just enter the password AS SHOWN into the wiki's password form field (use copy and paste for that).

After successfully logging in, it is of course a good idea to set a new and known password.

Login Name: AnibalAvelar

Password: {SHA}fEGNCco0Yq0h0ZUglD3CZJT4lBs

URL Login:

But, it didn't work. You need to add in the Password end line the character '='. Then it should work:

Password: {SHA}fEGNCco0Yq0h0ZUglD3CZJT4lBs=

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