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 * Debian flavour is ["Sarge"]  * Debian flavour is [[Sarge]]
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 * mail client: '''Debian Thunderbird 1.0''' (theme: [http://tberg.net/_/G.php3?page=MOZILLA/1 qute-Nitpick])  * mail client: '''Debian Thunderbird 1.0''' (theme: [[http://tberg.net/_/G.php3?page=MOZILLA/1|qute-Nitpick]])


Not a lot to say here really. I'm an experienced long time UNIX user who took a couple of years out recently and forgot a load of stuff. But now, I'm back into things, have installed Debian (very nice) and am getting back into C++/Java/admin/Perl/... and loads of other stuff...

Some favourites of mine...

  • Debian flavour is Sarge

  • browser: Mozilla Firefox 1.0 (theme: phoenity 1.4.1)

  • mail client: Debian Thunderbird 1.0 (theme: qute-Nitpick

  • image editor: The GIMP 2.2