This page is a gathering place for information about the android-tools packaging team, which is focused on packaging the Android development tools for Debian. There are also some packages which help run Debian in a chroot on Android.

Package naming scheme

The naming scheme for android-tools packages is as follows:

* source package names are named after the git repository, prefixed by android- (e.g. android-platform-system-core, android-platform-system-extras, android-platform-build, android-platform-frameworks-base, etc.) * binary packages of utilities that run on Debian directly are named after the utility itself (e.g. zipalign, aapt, etc.) * shared libraries that are only used by android-tools packages are named after the library, without a ABI version number in the package name, and prefixed by android-. (e.g. android-libhost, android-libcutils-dev, etc.]] (in the Google builds, these are built as static libraries, and linked statically into each binary, in the Debian builds, they are built as shared libraries and installed into /usr/lib/android)