李健秋 Andrew Lee


IRC nick:

AndrewLee on freenode and oftc


Taipei, and Hualien


Packages overview

I am a free software user, a contributor and a developer. Start to contribute to free software from 1997 through Chinese GNU/Linux Extension project. And now active in international free software projects.

在 Debian 內協助維護 Debian 官方台灣映射站台,並活躍於國際 Debian 開發者社群,如 Skolelinux(Debian-Edu)、Debian-EeePC, EasyLXDE 等相關計畫,維護數十項 Debian 套件,其中涵蓋整套 LXDE 桌面環境及部份中文相關套件,長期在台舉辦與 Debian 官方相關的活動,為台灣與國際 Debian 計畫的溝通橋樑,並長期關注本土少數語言及文化相關議題。

I maintain and tw.{archive,releases} mirror site, and LXDE packages and some localise related packages in Debian. Interface between tw people and Debian, co-work with ?ArneGoetje on localisation efforts of various kinds of local languages in Taiwan.

I have been running a various Debian related events in Taiwan, such as annual DebCamp Taiwan during Christmas time in Taiwan since 2006. And the first mini-DebConf in Taiwan.

We welcome all the Debian folks may join us and have fun in Taiwan.

Activity/Event logs:

Taiwan DebCamp 2007

Taiwan DebCamp 2006

Asia Debian Mini Conf 2005