Hi I am Andrew Becker. I have been using Debian as my only operating system (at home) for a number of years now and consider myself to be quite an advocate for Debian and its community. I spend a lot of time helping current Debian users with problems, showing new users how to get started, and answering questions from friends and family about Linux, Debian and why I would choose to use it as my only operating system.

I currently work as a freelance web designer, web master, and do part time PC repair. I would love to put my web design knowledge and experience to use for Debian. I also currently run Debian Today which is a web site that posts daily news, tips, tricks, etc that are of interest to Debian or the Debian community. Debian Today is enjoying a rapid growth from it's beginning just a few short weeks ago and is proving to be a great way to reach the community with News and information. I hope to use the site along with my other skills for the Debian Marketing Team. If you would like to contact me you can email me andrew at geekslimited dot com.