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{{{ ln -s /usr/share/vim/syntax $HOME/.vim/syntax }}} {{{
ln -s /usr/share/vim/syntax $HOME/.vim/syntax
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{{{ http://wiki.debian.org 1234567890.90.7890 }}} {{{
http://wiki.debian.org 1234567890.90.7890
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{{{ editmoin debian/AndreiPopescu }}} {{{
editmoin debian/AndreiPopescu

Hello, this is my homepage and right now I am editing it using editmoin. Basic usage for editmoin:

  1. Install the package with aptitude install editmoin

  2. In case you want to use vim (I do and it seems great) you will definitely want to enable the syntax. You will have to do

ln -s /usr/share/vim/syntax $HOME/.vim/syntax
  1. create a file $HOME/.moin_ids with something like the following

http://wiki.debian.org  1234567890.90.7890
  • The number is your MOIN_ID and and is found in a cookie. For firefox grep the file cookies.txt for the line containg MOIN_ID

  • set $EDITOR vim (or make an alias).

  • pick a page to edit (in this case my homepage) and edit it:

editmoin debian/AndreiPopescu
  • A nice sideeffect of creating the .moin_id is that you can use shortcuts for wikis listed in there. You can use any part of the name with an optional subpath)

    If I did everything right (the vim syntax helps with the formating) I should now have a homepage ;)