Hello, this is my homepage and right now I am editing it using editmoin. Basic usage for editmoin:

  1. Install the package with aptitude install editmoin

  2. In case you want to use vim (I do and it seems great) you will definitely want to enable the syntax. You will have to do

     vim-addons install editmoin 
  3. Create a file $HOME/.moin_user with something like the following

     http://wiki.debian.org MyLogin:MyPassword
    Do make sure the file is not readable by anyone else
     $ chmod 600 .moin_users

    This needs a recent editmoin with the patch for 660103 included

  4. Set $EDITOR to vim (or make an alias) in case you want to avoid having vim be called as vi (I think it can make a difference)

  5. Pick a page to edit (in this case my homepage) and edit it:
     editmoin debian/AndreiPopescu

If I did everything right (the vim syntax helps with the formating) I should now have a homepage ;)