I'm Andreas Steffen, from Germany, 19 years of age. I'm currently in 4th semestre physics at the the University of Aachen. Hobbies include reading, physics, computers and cooking.

I first managed to install Debian during a 3-days odyssee in early 03. After that, I still oscillated between ?SuSE (this isn't meant to be a link), Debian and Gentoo, before settling down on everyone's favourite distro (at least around here). I also use some Mac OS X, although that is mostly because Maple Computer Algebra System doesn't work under Linux on my iBook.

EDIT: Ditched my iBook for a shiny old Thinkpad running Debian. It beats the iBook in every aspect except battery life. Above all, it has Maple under Linux, a serial port (I need that one) and a working VGA-out.

At the moment I'm basically hanging around the community looking for an interesting way to contribute (I would like to become a developer, but I'm still lacking some skills for the moment :) )