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You can check out www.schuldei.org for some details.

useful package handling commands

shows contents of a deb

dpkg-deb -c blah.deb 


cowbuilder setup

pdebuild --use-pdebuild-internal -- --buildplace ~/pbuilder/build  --basepath ~/pbuilder/base.etch.cow
pdebuild --use-pdebuild-internal -- --buildplace ~/pbuilder/build  --create --distribution etch --basepath ~/pbuilder/base.etch.cow

and if cdebootstrap is broken:

sudo cowbuilder --create --distribution sid --basepath ~/pbuilder/base.sid.cow  --debootstrap debootstrap

prepare pbuilder to build packages with sun-java

sudo pbuilder login  --basetgz ~/pbuilder/etch.tgz --save-after-login
# inside the build chroot do:
echo "sun-java5-jdk   shared/accepted-sun-dlj-v1-1    boolean true" | debconf-set-selections
# and add non-free to the apt/sources.list
vi /etc/apt/sources.list
# outside again, update
sudo pbuilder update --basetgz ~/pbuilder/etch.tgz


 15:46 <stockholm> das ist bei mir eine sprache die ich nicht verstehen:  http://www.cure.nom.fr/blog/archives/124-Diffuser-un-flux-vid
 15:47 <dm8tbr>  ffmpeg2theora --v4l /dev/video0 -o - | oggfwd icecast.mondomaine.org 8000 toto /video.ogg <-- all you need
 15:50 <stockholm> dm8tbr: wenn das von /dev/video0 kommt hat das keinen sound dabei, oder?
 15:51 <dm8tbr> stockholm: i bet you can tell ffmpeg where to get audio from

sudo aptitude install ffmpeg2theora oggfwd icecast2