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Hosting web pages on Alioth

With each Alioth project, you have a web space accessible at http://<project> The corresponding directory is /home/groups/<project>/htdocs/.

There are numerous ways to install web pages there:

Managing the website in a VCS system

Since all the VCS are hosted on Alioth, you can store your website in a VCS and have your website auto-update itself after a commit. You just have to configure a post-commit hook updating the files in /home/groups/<project>/htdocs/.

Security concerns

PHP and CGI are enabled, so you can host web applications on your website. For security reasons, we prefer that you DO NOT host any web application unless you really need to. Consider alternatives, e.g. using (a subdir of) this Debian wiki instead of your own.

If you need a web application, please try to use an application that is packaged for the stable version of Debian and please ask the Alioth administrators to install it. This can include packages from where necessary.

Otherwise if you decide nevertheless to install a web application, please follow the rules below: