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 * [[http://about.gna.org|GNA]], FSF France
 * Savannah, FSF, very strict on permitted licenses
 * [[http://about.gna.org|GNA]], FSF France, GPL-compatible licenses only
 * [[http://savannah.gnu.org|GNU Savannah]], FSF, GPL-compatible licenses only
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 * [[http://savannah.gnu.org/maintenance/WhyChooseSavannah/]] ("Links" section) hosting frameworks and platforms with Free source code (with links)

I'm interested to see, whether there might be possibilities to merge some of the dozens of big free software forges and how this could help to save work. So I'm starting to collect informations on that topic here. Maybe other projects would like to maintain a shared infrastructure under the umbrella of a trusted organization, e.g. SPI?

Other Forges

This list should list candidates for possible collaboration, therefor the Apache Project is included.

  • GNA, FSF France, GPL-compatible licenses only

  • GNU Savannah, FSF, GPL-compatible licenses only

  • Launchpad, Ubuntu or Canonical?
  • OW2

  • Apache project
  • Fedorahosted

  • evolvis.org, tarent solutions GmbH

  • Berlios

  • zarb, mini forge, 11 projects, contact Michael, misc at zarb.org