1. dom: interim migration data sync [In advance]

  2. dom: final announcement of details to debian-infrastructure-announce [Friday 17:00 UTC]

  3. formorer: firewall off port 25 on alioth and remove list.alioth.debian.org as a local domain on alioth's exim [Friday pm]

  4. formorer: shut down mailman daemons on alioth (and stop them from starting up). Also disable cron jobs [Friday PM]

  5. formorer: disable mailman web cgis to stop list modifications during final sync [Friday PM]

  6. dom: final migration data sync [Friday PM]

  7. dom: final configuration and testing changes [Saturday am]

  8. tfheen: switch lists.alioth.debian.org MX from mail.alioth.debian.org to alioth-lists-mx.debian.net and lists.alioth.debian.org A record to redirect service [once sync/testing confirmed complete, Saturday am]

  9. wait for $TTL

  10. formorer: start up exim, (re-enable web cgi so that we can reference the old system if needed via hosts file?)