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Using Bzr on Alioth

Creating a new public Bzr repository (for a new project)

See Alioth/FAQ#vcs-repos. FusionForge will create a directory named /srv/ owned by your project group which will be accessible by bzr using sftp, bzr-over-ssh (recommended), rsync-over-ssh, or https for read-only access. To push a new branch to the server using Bazaar over SSH say:

   bzr push --create-prefix bzr+ssh://<user><group>/whatever

Using --create-prefix causes any new elements in the path to be created. You may also want to use the --remember option to make this the default destination for future pushes.

To check out or branch from the server with read/write access you can use Bazaar over an SSH transport like this:

    bzr checkout bzr+ssh://<user><group>/whatever

(or bzr branch if you'd like). Anonymous users can get read-only access with:

    bzr branch<group>/whatever

If you intend to host several related branches on Alioth, it might be advisable to use a shared repository for them, in order to save space and speed up operations (revisions common to several branches are only stored once in a shared repository, instead of once per branch). To do that, you'll first have to initialise the repository with:

    bzr init-repo bzr+ssh://<user><group>/whatever

Any new branches you create in subdirectories, such as /bzr/<group>/whatever/stable and /bzr/<group>/whatever/devel, will store their revision data in the repository.

Using personal bzr repositories

It is also possible to have personal bzr repositories. Just log in on, then

$ mkdir ~/public_bzr

and put your bzr repositories there, e.g. <project>.

After a few hours they will be automatically detected and listed on The repositories are available through the following URLs:

$ bzr branch<login>/<project>
$ bzr branch bzr+ssh://<login><login>/<project>

Commit Mail Hooks

I really should ask for Alioth maintainers to install a bzr-email plugin.

Here we go:

$ bzr branch lp:bzr-email ~/.bazaar/plugins/email
$ cat << EOF >> path/to/bzr-branch/.bzr/branch/branch.conf
post_commit_to = "dispatch+<sourcepackage>"
post_commit_sender = ""
post_commit_push_pull = True
public_branch =

Enjoy email notifications from bzr =) there is CIA plugin installed so you should be able to get CIA commits as well =)

Using Git bridge

$ sudo apt install git-remote-bzr
$ git clone bzr::<group>/whatever <dir>
- or -
$ git clone bzr::bzr+ssh://<user><group>/whatever <dir>