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Using Arch on Alioth

Creating a new public Arch repository (for a new project)

See Alioth/FAQ#vcs-repos. FusionForge will create a directory named /srv/ owned by your project group which will be accessible by your arch program (baz, tla or bzr) using sftp, rsync over ssh, or http for read-only access. Throghout this text, we'll use sftp in the examples.

Now you can create your repositories, issuing commands like this:

 baz make-archive --listing --signed \

Now you should logon to and give the project group write access to the repository, like this:

 cd /srv/
 chmod -R g+rwX archive-dir
 setfacl --default --modify "g:project-name:rwx" archive-dir

Now your fellow developers will be able to access the repository you've just created.

Making the repository visible through's ArchZoom and ViewARCH interfaces