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 * Help DebConf8Venezuela proposal.  * Help [:DebConf8/Venezuela] proposal.
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=== Long term whish list ===
 * Work on general Debian usability.
 * Make DebianColombia grow.
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 * You can also keep track of [https://nm.debian.org/nmstatus.php?email=alejandro.rios%40avatar.com.co my NM process status page].

I'll try to use this wiki page to keep track of my tasks within Debian.

Package Maintainance

To Do

  • Start co-maintaining audacity on debian-multimedia team.
  • Polish op-panel and destar packages before etch freeze.
  • Help pkg-voip team to put asterisk 1.4 OK for etch.
  • Close pending python-pycairochart ITP.
  • Fix pending non-critical bug on rats.
  • Fix pending non-critical bug on op-panel.
  • Close pending gwhere ITP.


  • Adopt rats and gnome-scheduler.

Other tasks

To Do

  • Help debconf-team, by migrating old wiki pages to the new wiki.
  • Help [:DebConf8/Venezuela] proposal.
  • Migrate DebianColombia web site.

  • Translate package descriptions to Spanish.
  • Translate libpkg-guide to Spanish? (not sure anymore).

Long term whish list


  • ...

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