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 * [[http://alerios.blogspot.com|Bitácora en Español]], que puede leerse en http://planeta.debian.net  * [[http://alerios.blogspot.com|Bitácora en Español]], que puede leerse en http://planet.debian.org/es/

I use this wiki page to keep track of my tasks within Debian. For more information about my involvement in Debian, please see my DDPortfolio page.

Package Maintainance

To Do for Squeeze

  • Release new version of Destar package.
  • Package opensips.
  • ¿Package libmfcr2?.
  • Help pkg-voip team with Asterisk packages.

Other tasks

To Do

  • Keep up sponsoring some people on ?DebianColombia/Padrinazgo .

Long term whish list

More links