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 * Close pending [[http://bugs.debian.org/370192|python-pycairochart ITP]].  * Close pending python-pycairochart ITP (DebianBug:370192).

I'll try to use this wiki page to keep track of my tasks within Debian.

Package Maintainance

To Do


  • Fix some old bugs on my packages.
  • Finish lib-unicall package (stalled because of a missing license file).
  • Polish op-panel and destar packages before etch release.

  • Adopt rats and gnome-scheduler.
  • DebTag my packages.

Other tasks

To Do

  • Migrate DebianColombia web site.

  • Translate some package descriptions or debconf templates to Spanish.
  • Translate libpkg-guide to Spanish? (not sure of this anymore).
  • Start working with Santiago on debian usability using the donated machine (the machines haven't arrived yet).
  • Maybe help on OLPC Debian tunning.
  • Keep up sponsoring some people on ?DebianColombia/Padrinazgo .

Long term whish list


  • ...

More links