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||<tablestyle="width: 100%;border: 0px hidden" style="border: 0px hidden;text-align:right">Email ||<style="border: 0px hidden"> [[mailto:binoanb@binoanb.eti.br|binoanb@binoanb.eti.br]] ||<|4 style="border: 0px hidden">||
||<style="border: 0px hidden;text-align:right">Irc ||<style="border: 0px hidden"> bino on [[irc://irc.debian.org/#debian|irc.debian.org/#debian]] ||
||<style="border: 0px hidden;text-align:right">Homepage ||<style="border: 0px hidden"> http://binoanb.eti.br/ (pt_BR)||
||<style="border: 0px hidden;text-align:right">XMPP/Jabber ||<style="border: 0px hidden"> binoanb@jabber.org ||
||<style="border: 0px hidden;text-align:right">Location ||<style="border: 0px hidden"> Vila Velha, ES, Brazil ||
== Albino Biasutti neto ==
 * Email: <<MailTo(bino AT SPAMFREE riseup DOT net)>>
 * Homepage: http://www.softwarelivre.org/bino
 * Homepage: http://www.binoanb.eti.br
 * Diáspora: http://www.diasporabr.com.br/u/bino

== Debian Activities ==
 * Member of Brazilian l10n team - http://lists.debian.org/debian-l10n-portuguese/
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Albino Biasutti neto

Debian Activities

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