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[DIFF] 05:52 [INFO] GarrisonBaird [1-2]
[DIFF] 23:17 [INFO] ?EduardSanou added links to gcc-patches mailing list new thread
[DIFF] 22:37 [INFO] ?WelltonCosta
[DIFF] 22:28 [INFO] JanDittberner Jan W. hinzugefügt
[DIFF] 22:25 [INFO] MichaelBanck
[DIFF] 22:24 [INFO] MichaelBanck Tuesday it is
[DIFF] 18:21 [INFO] GuillemJover Update new arch requirements, some previously implicit, some new
[DIFF] 14:40 [INFO] ?EnricoRossi fix link to tagdb.git
[DIFF] 14:38 [INFO] fayad
[DIFF] 12:48 [INFO] PauloSantana [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:40 [INFO] ?ChristianSvensson
[DIFF] 10:18 [INFO] vauss [1-4] #01 translation fix
#02 typo fix
#03 wiki link syntax
#04 sync with English master (full re-translation)
[DIFF] 10:10 [INFO] vauss fr/BurnCd done
[DIFF] 09:28 [INFO] FredLeMeur Évolution positive :-)
[DIFF] 04:04 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr Update kernel support
[DIFF] 03:32 [INFO] PaulWise add code for Archipelago
[DIFF] 02:52 [INFO] CharlesPlessy [1-3] #01 Grammar
#02 Syntax corrected
#03 Mention appstream.
[DIFF] 00:07 [INFO] PaulWise we added LE for SSL
[DIFF] 23:03 [INFO] SteveMcIntyre [1]
?LandonHere [2]
#01 Revert to revision 30. spamming fuckwit
[DIFF] 22:57 [INFO] PaulWise no security updates for kali-rolling
[DIFF] 21:20 [INFO] JulianAndresKlode Uncompressed checksums are required (APT does not fetch otherwise) + typo fix
[DIFF] 15:04 [INFO] AntonioTerceiro
[DIFF] 14:29 [INFO] ?KaiWassermann Link to Freedombox/Funktione n changed
[DIFF] 12:25 [INFO] ?Thomas Goirand
[DIFF] 11:36 [INFO] ?javieron
[DIFF] 11:35 [INFO] ?javieron
[DIFF] 11:33 [INFO] ?javieron
[DIFF] 11:27 [INFO] ?javieron Añado la herramienta pandora fms
[DIFF] 08:26 [INFO] kao upade link to
[DIFF] 04:27 [INFO] stephanfoley
[DIFF] 22:45 [INFO] ?EduardSanou updated weekly reports from Lunar
[DIFF] 22:20 [INFO] ?AdrianGlaubitz
[DIFF] 18:10 [INFO] RajasekharPonakala [1-5]
[DIFF] 17:44 [INFO] ?EricHill Some spelling fixes and grammar clarification
[DIFF] 17:41 [INFO] RogerShimizu "mr" provides by myrepos package currently
[DIFF] 17:14 [INFO] ?RainerDorsch
[DIFF] 16:40 [INFO] vauss [1-2] #01 sync with English master
#02 sync with English master
[DIFF] 15:37 [INFO] TheAnarcat [1-2] #01 add my ideas to the mix
#02 disambiguate
[DIFF] 15:24 [INFO] TheAnarcat add borg
[DIFF] 15:20 [INFO] ?ThomasSchmitt Removed dead links and moved the others to a legacy section of "See also"
[DIFF] 14:05 [INFO] vauss sync with English master
[DIFF] 12:30 [INFO] FedericoCeratto Automated submission
[DIFF] 12:21 [INFO] ?MarkusKoschany [1-3] #01 Update Switching to the next LTS release paragraph
#03 Add suggested actions before switching to the next LTS release
[DIFF] 12:12 [INFO] HolgerLevsen we really need this dpkg upload…
[DIFF] 11:25 [INFO] RogerShimizu add d-i repo and bit layout change
[DIFF] 10:31 [INFO] vauss sync with English master
[DIFF] 10:29 [INFO] vauss [1-3] #01 alphabetical order
#02 xpdf-utils is now poppler-utils
#03 pdftk added twice, one entry deleted + alphabetical order
[DIFF] 08:41 [INFO] vauss sync with French page
[DIFF] 04:03 [INFO] LisandroDNPerezMeyer psi-plus: there's WIP
[DIFF] 00:16 [INFO] ?EduardSanou added instructions to setup a pbuilder base.tgz
[DIFF] 23:12 [INFO] XavierFeraud [1-3] #01 Précise le chemin des fichiers dans var/cache/bind/
#02 Ajout d'une note pour prise en compte de Debian Jessie
#03 Ajout des chemin d'accès aux fichiers de configuration. Cela peut rassurer surtout qu'il est nécessaire de créer un des fichiers cités - named.conf.log
[DIFF] 22:48 [INFO] ?StephaneBlondon add review stephaneBlondon for january 2016
[DIFF] 21:49 [INFO] bendia Correction d'un lien mort vers Debian-Facile
[DIFF] 21:13 [INFO] coringao Upload of attachment ' e.gz'.
[DIFF] 19:10 [INFO] ?tassia fixed link
[DIFF] 18:00 [INFO] AntonioTerceiro
[DIFF] 14:16 [INFO] ?AlexWillmer Correct background colour of table headers
[DIFF] 13:17 [INFO] LauraArjona
[DIFF] 09:41 [INFO] vauss [1-3] #01 sync with English master
#02 version update
#03 sync with English master
[DIFF] 09:36 [INFO] vauss [1-4] #01 version update
#02 version update
#03 version update
#04 version update
[DIFF] 08:00 [INFO] HansChristophSteiner [1-2] #02 note about source update procedure
[DIFF] 07:51 [INFO] ?DiegoMartin [1-2]
[DIFF] 07:29 [INFO] ?RubenUndheim arachne-pnr has been accepted into the archive
[DIFF] 07:17 [INFO] highvoltage Revert to revision 68. No, do not chmod 777, fonts have enough security issues without being world writable
[DIFF] 00:49 [INFO] MarcusAdams updated pgp key
[DIFF] 00:06 [INFO] SteveMcIntyre Revert to revision 1. spamming fuckwits
[DIFF] 22:51 [INFO] ManuelMontecelo Changed "buildd.debian-ports .org" URLs to ""
[DIFF] 21:08 [INFO] SamuelThibault update Stretch behavior
[DELETED] 19:41 [INFO] JustinBRye [1]
?LynetteNil [2]
#01 sp
[DELETED] 17:46 [INFO] CarstenSchoenert [1]
?CarlotaWol [2]
#01 Spam!
[DIFF] 17:15 [INFO] JamesValleroy link security issue for seafile
[DIFF] 16:36 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr Fix capitalization of DragonBoard
[DIFF] 16:35 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr [1-2] #02 Use correct capitalization for DragonBoard
[DIFF] 16:35 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr Renamed from 'InstallingDebianOn/ 96Boards/Dragonboard 410c'. Fix capitalization of DragonBoard
[DIFF] 16:17 [INFO] ?Ash_Crow mise à jour.
[DELETED] 16:06 [INFO] JustinBRye [1]
?TracyThras [2]
#01 spam
[DELETED] 16:05 [INFO] JustinBRye [1]
?LilaGroff7 [2]
#01 spam
[DIFF] 14:42 [INFO] vauss sync with English master
[DIFF] 14:08 [INFO] ?DiederikDeHaas Changed various urls to https and changed the one to pkg-kde repo
[DIFF] 13:38 [INFO] ?DanieleForsi added DebianBug:813996
[DIFF] 13:27 [INFO] LauraArjona [1-4] #01 Forgot one more i386 -> amd64
#02 Sync with English (links to amd64)
#03 Fix table layout
#04 Sync with English
[DIFF] 12:31 [INFO] EnricoZini [1-2] #01 Shorter
#02 Added info on how to access the outside
[DIFF] 11:20 [INFO] AndreasRönnquist [1-2] #01 Sync with English (remove Joey Hess from comments)
#02 Sync with English (i386 -> amd64)
[DIFF] 11:01 [INFO] ?DoctorD90 [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:16 [INFO] SaschaS [1-2]
[DIFF] 09:40 [INFO] FredLeMeur Debian 4.3.3-7 (2016-01-19)
[DIFF] 09:35 [INFO] FredLeMeur DebianLive
[DIFF] 04:11 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr Fix version number scheme
[DIFF] 04:06 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr [1-3] #01 Update device support
#02 Add armhf
#03 Update support status
[DIFF] 03:49 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr [1-2] #01 Remove Joey Hess' email since he's no longer a DD
#02 Link to amd64 release notes rather than i386
[DIFF] 01:33 [INFO] ?DoctorD90
[DIFF] 01:27 [INFO] ?DoctorD90
[DIFF] 23:28 [INFO] ?ThomasBechtold Add blog post link for Debian Stretch setup notes
[DIFF] 21:55 [INFO] TiagoIlieve
[DIFF] 18:41 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr [1-2] #01 Add status of Debian support
#02 Add info on HiKey
[DIFF] 17:10 [INFO] kao Sync with English master and spellcheck
[DIFF] 14:18 [INFO] NeilWilliams [1-6]
[DIFF] 14:14 [INFO] ?giuliopaci [1-2] #01 Added myself in credits and added a few fixes
#02 Updated information to cover MSI GS60 2QC and Debian Stretch
[DIFF] 13:33 [INFO] NeilWilliams [1-2]
[DIFF] 13:27 [INFO] NeilWilliams
[DIFF] 13:12 [INFO] NeilWilliams add
[DIFF] 13:03 [INFO] ?StefanLangenberg
[DIFF] 11:57 [INFO] NobuhiroIwamatsu [1-2]
[DIFF] 11:49 [INFO] NobuhiroIwamatsu Add Japan
[DIFF] 10:45 [INFO] ?MichaelCrusoe [1]
?PetterReinholdtsen [2]
#02 More on MIME types.
[DIFF] 09:23 [INFO] ?RubenUndheim Added arachne-pnr to SoB
[DIFF] 09:03 [INFO] ?DmitryShachnev Use https for Vcs-Git
[DIFF] 06:35 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr [1-2] #01 Typo fix "official"
#02 Fix version number scheme
[DIFF] 06:28 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr Add basic homepage
[DIFF] 06:25 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr Add link to 96Boards
[DIFF] 06:15 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr [1-2] #01 Update qcontrol web site
#02 Typo fix


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