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Name and Contact Information

About me

I am a second-year computer science student at Ain Shams University in Egypt.

I have participated in GSoC 2023 as a contributor before.
My GSoC project was about the internationalization of Apertium tools. (Mainly using C++ and ICU4C Library)
For more details:

My Accounts:

Project title

Project synopsis

Salsa CI is a custom-built continuous integration framework that is used in the Debian GitLab instance (Salsa), my project is about improving it by solving some issues of the project.

Project Size

Medium project (175 Hours).

Project details

As mentioned in the synopsis, my project idea is about solving some relatively small issues, instead of designing and implementing one larger part of the software.

Those issues would be defined during the community bonding period.

Workflow of Solving the Issue

  1. Define the issue.
    • In case if it is not already defined
  2. Question interest of being solved
    • To make sure that I don't work in issues that are not in the priorities of the project.
  3. Research it in parallel with asking clarifying questions.
  4. Providing possible solution(s).
  5. Implement approved solution.
  6. Waiting for feedback and updating the solution based on feedback.

As feedback to my questions may delay specially because of the difference of time-zones between me and my mentors, I intend to solve issues asynchronously.
By that I mean that if I need to wait for feedback from my mentors in a specific issue, I will start/continue working in another issue instead of waiting for feedback.

Example of issues that I may solve during the program:

Benefits to Debian

Project schedule


I intend to deliver reports of my progress regularly during the program.

As my project is medium size (175 Hours), I intend to contribute at the coding period for about 15 hours per week.

Those 15 hours may be divided into five days of the week (Each day about 3 hours).

I intend to:

Repository that I intend to write reports and plan my contributions at:
It illustrates how the reports would look like.
Those reports will also be useful for me at preparing the project's final report.
The design of this repo may change later.

Exams commitment

Why Debian?

My previous Debian contributions

Salsa CI


Are you applying for other projects in GSoC?

About my skills

Relevant skills I recently learnt:

My Background relevant skills: Linux Command Line Basics - C++ - Python - Java - Git&GitHub - JavaScript Basics