About me

I've been a debian gnu/linux user since December 1999.

I am currently working on my Computer Science undergraduate degree and plan to get a masters degree in Computer Science with a focus in Software Engineering. My main goal within the Open Source community is to become a core developer of a project as soon as I feel comfortable with my programming skills in a large project environment.

Skill Set

I am fluent in the following programming languages: Python, Java, C, C++, and Ada83. I know Intel-x86 and MIPS assembly but prefer to not ever code in either. I'm always looking to improve on the aforementioned (high level) languages.

Proficient with debian server administration (in an array of implementations) and general (desktop) use.

Other distros that I have experience with include (X)Ubuntu, RedHat (legacy releases), SuSE, Knoppix/DSL, Slackware, ?YellowDog, Gentoo,and a few other small utility distros.

My Open Source Contributions

My Relation to Xubuntu

There is a similar wiki of mine located [ here.] That includes all of my relation to the Xubuntu project, which is a project I still support and attempt to help as I can because I personally agree with what the goals of the project are, but I am no longer running any Ubuntu or Ubuntu derived distribution on any computer I own due my lack of tolerance for the instabilities and inconsistencies associated with the Ubuntu distribution.

Wiki Contributions

Team Membership

Support & Bug Triage


Plans & Goals

I hope to continue to to open source as a whole by developing custom applications, patching and packaging, giving support on irc support channels, writing wiki pages and documentation, and so much more.

Some things I'd like to accomplish in the future include: