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I suggest include in the Home page :

All text is available under the terms of the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Text_of_the_GNU_Free_Documentation_License GNU Free Documentation License].

The text of this wiki is '''NOT''' licensed under the GFDL.
Most importantly, ["DebianWikiIsNotGFDL"].

DebianWiki was started in (does anyone remember?) as an experiment in collaborative authorship.

What license is this Wiki under?

See [http://wiki.debian.net/copyright.html DebianWiki Copyright].

Most importantly, ["DebianWikiIsNotGFDL"].

What is the status on moving this wiki to wiki.debian.org?

There is no current proposal to move the wiki to debian.org. The current owner, MichaelIvey, would be happy to transfer ownership to Debian, if Debian ever decides they would like that.

Where can people help to make this a better wiki?

Search backlinks to ?HelpWanted and see if people have marked areas as needing work. Cleanup ThreadMode. ReFactor anything you can. Dive in. Delete Spam. Write new content. Edit old content.

What are your plans with this wiki? (roadmap)

I, MichaelIvey, have no current plans. The wiki is. I cleanup spam, and upgrade ["Kwiki"] when I think about it.

I suggest change to MediaWiki and create Linux / Debian Wiki Encyclopedia. Please see HelpMoveDebianWikiToMediaWiki if you are really interested.