The Debian 700000/1000000th bug contest

As the bug #500000 mark was turned on September 24th 2008, then the bug #600000 mark turned on October 12th 2010, Debian developers and contributors have to continue the game.

So, again, a small contest has been set up. The principle is very simple: please place a bet (one per person) about the day bugs #700000 and #1000000 will be reported. A first set of bets for bug #1000000 have been placed in 2008. We'll keep them, but we give people a chance to place other bets now, in 2010.

The winner(s) will be the person(s) placing her|his|their bet as close as possible to the real moment bug #700000 and #1000000 are reported.

Please use only one line per person. No e-mail addresses, please, there's nothing to win except the admiration of the Debian crowd. Please copy/paste the first table row and replace the not so random example there by your own name and the date by the date you bet the Debian 700000th bug will be reported.

The same stands for bug #1000000.

Everybody is welcome to play. Please do not abuse the system, just play by the rules.

Please also feel free to fix the use of English language in this introduction.

For the record, Bug #600000 bets and Bug #500000 bets.

Please use YYYYMMDD notation below.

Bets for bug #700000

20111231 ?ChrisButler

20120212 ?JonasÖberg

20120328 MichalCihar

20120420 ?TonyMancill

20120528 SteveMcIntyre

20120529 ?ChrisChiappa

20120727 Fernando C. Estrada

20120829 MiodVallat

20121010 TimRetout

20121016 ?ThomasPreudhomme

20121108 KartikMistry

20121212 ?DavidPrévot

20130214 ChristianPerrier is the winner (bug #700000 reported on February 7th 2013)

20130401 ?TobiasQuathamer

20130808 StephaneGlondu

20130902 ?MohammedAdnèneTrojette

Bets for bug #1000000, placed after bug #600000, in 2010

20150529 ?ChrisChiappa

20160528 SteveMcIntyre

20170727 Fernando C. Estrada

20171016 ?ChrisButler

20171101 ?TonyMancill

20180328 MichalCihar

20180717 ?ThomasPreudhomme

20181010 TimRetout

20181108 KartikMistry

20190219 ?DavidPrévot

20190902 ?MohammedAdnèneTrojette

20200202 StephaneGlondu

20200825 ChristianPerrier

20210205 ?TobiasQuathamer

Bets for bug #1000000, placed after bug #500000, in 2008

Do not add anything here, please

20091202 Tina

20121220 ?NicolauWerneck

20130323 ?ThierryMurgue

20130723 ?JosuéAbarca

20140618 ?ThomasPreudhomme

20140915 KartikMistry

20141114 ?EmilioPozueloMonfort

20150815 LisandroDNPerezMeyer

20151031 ?TonyMancill

20160229 SantiagoRuanoRincón

20160308 ?JoseAntonioJimenezMadrid

20160401 codehelp

20170208 ?TobiasQuathamer

20170601 RaphaelGeissert

20160825 ?OddHenriksen

20170828 SamuelThibault

20171120 FelipeWiel

20171215 ChristianPerrier

20180327 StephaneGlondu

20200313 DavidPaleino