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[DIFF] 73m ago [INFO] ?NicholasDSteeves [1-5] #01 add bug #
#03 drop the two lowest downloaded MELPA packages
#05 add MELPA stats
[DIFF] 92m ago [INFO] KurtKremitzki Fixing debian-administratio link
[DIFF] 16:59 [INFO] Praveen A [1-2]
[DIFF] 16:56 [INFO] Praveen A Renamed from 'DebianIndia/DebianU tsavam2018'. more debian utsavams this year
[DIFF] 16:52 [INFO] hacksk
[DIFF] 16:40 [INFO] hacksk
[DIFF] 16:36 [INFO] Balasankar C
[DIFF] 15:35 [INFO] AntonioTerceiro
[DIFF] 15:26 [INFO] RicardoCosta Translation of this page to brazilian portuguese.
[DIFF] 15:15 [INFO] ?RobieBasak [1-2] #01 Further git-dpm vs. gbp edits based on IRC conversation
#02 According to jtaylor and lamby on #debian-python, gbp is now sufficient and git-dpm is not required.
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[DIFF] 12:00 [INFO] ?DougTorrance linbox - fix rc bug
[DIFF] 12:00 [INFO] ?AdrianGlaubitz Add missing installation of OpenJDK build dependencies for target
[DIFF] 09:33 [INFO] moomoc sops is packaged, but ocr-desktop isn't
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[DIFF] 23:37 [INFO] ?LarsKruse Update links from alioth to salsa
[DIFF] 17:32 [INFO] ?BrunoMagalhaes Add links to external content
[DIFF] 17:10 [INFO] ?BrianBostwick Section added detailing how to turn off MAC address randomization when using NetworkManager. I hit this problem in Debian 9 Stretch with my PAU09, which has a Ralink chipset, rt2800usb driver.
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[DIFF] 01:47 [INFO] RicardoCosta Translation of this page to brazilian portuguese.
[DIFF] 01:33 [INFO] RicardoCosta Translation of this page to brazilian portuguese.
[DIFF] 20:43 [INFO] ?Benjamin
[DIFF] 20:43 [INFO] ?Benjamin
[DIFF] 18:54 [INFO] ?SebastianoPistore Revisione
[DIFF] 15:45 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer [1-7] #01 Upload of attachment 'gosa_systems_edit_h ost.png'.
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#04 Attachment 'gosa_systems_host_d etails.png' deleted.
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#06 Attachment 'gosa_systems_list.p ng' deleted.
#07 adjust automatically generated hostname related command output and screenshots.
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[DIFF] 14:51 [INFO] FabianRodriguez Added link to main project site
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[DIFF] 12:30 [INFO] BoyuanYang Add reported bug number for expeyes
[DIFF] 12:13 [INFO] ?PetterReinholdtsen [1-2] #01 Add new players to graph link.
#02 Updated table based on unstable.
[DIFF] 11:04 [INFO] ?JosephNuthalapati Created stub
[DIFF] 08:37 [INFO] Praveen A
[DIFF] 07:46 [INFO] ?AurélienCouderc
[DIFF] 07:16 [INFO] AndreasTille Replace references to Alioth
[DIFF] 03:22 [INFO] ?dbp Additional information required to set virtio for Windows 10 guest
[DIFF] 03:04 [INFO] RicardoCosta Translation of this page to brazilian portuguese.
[DIFF] 02:55 [INFO] RicardoCosta Translation of this page to brazilian portuguese.
[DIFF] 02:04 [INFO] ?petrohs
[DIFF] 22:00 [INFO] ?VagrantCascadian tested odroid-c2
[DIFF] 21:44 [INFO] wookey
[DIFF] 21:19 [INFO] Omar Jair Purata Funes [1-5] #01 Added some logos with their respective copyright notes
#02 Corrected typo in spanish version.
#04 Added golang in the spanish version.
#05 Added rust in the spanish version.
[DELETED] 18:31 [INFO] ChristianBryant No longer working on Debian project.
[DELETED] 18:29 [INFO] ChristianBryant No longer working on Debian project.
[DIFF] 14:05 [INFO] ?libregeekingkid corrected the repository URL
[DIFF] 09:18 [INFO] MinkushJain add progress report
[DIFF] 06:47 [INFO] ?DanielAcosta
[DIFF] 02:38 [INFO] codemonkeyrawks [1-2]
[DIFF] 02:34 [INFO] codemonkeyrawks Renamed from 'InstallingDebianOn/ Dell/Inspiron 5775'.
[DELETED] 02:26 [INFO] codemonkeyrawks [1-4]
[DIFF] 00:23 [INFO] HectorOron [1-3] #01 Polish non-dd registration paragraph
#02 drop alioth related paragraph
#03 Replace alioth account creation with RT request
[DIFF] 00:12 [INFO] ?HelenKoike [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:10 [INFO] JPierreGiraud sync with English version
[DIFF] 19:00 [INFO] JPierreGiraud sync with English version
[DIFF] 14:06 [INFO] PeeKaa [1-3] #01 ip adress
#02 smaller image
#03 Upload of attachment 'Transmission_icon.p ng'.
[DIFF] 13:58 [INFO] PeeKaa
[DIFF] 13:35 [INFO] ParideLegovini https://lists.debian .org/debian-science/ 2018/07/msg00032.htm l
[DIFF] 11:49 [INFO] FedericoCeratto
[DIFF] 11:39 [INFO] EnricoZini Added End Of Life to timeline
[DIFF] 11:36 [INFO] EnricoZini Fixed EOL News link for Wheezy
[DIFF] 07:29 [INFO] ?Bady [1-2]
[DIFF] 02:39 [INFO] Omar Jair Purata Funes Updated versions
[DIFF] 02:35 [INFO] Omar Jair Purata Funes [1-2] #01 Corrected some instructions, (since software-properties is used for repos now) I've added newer pictures in the spanish translate.
[DIFF] 02:28 [INFO] Omar Jair Purata Funes [1-2] #01 Upload of attachment 'synaptic-new.png'.
#02 Upload of attachment 'synaptic-repository -software-and-update s.png'.
[DIFF] 02:08 [INFO] PaulWise simplify manual step two
[DIFF] 22:59 [INFO] JamesValleroy add 0.34.0 release notes
[DIFF] 19:49 [INFO] JacobAdams Add week 9 and update meeting time
[DIFF] 18:46 [INFO] PauloSantana [1-2]
[DIFF] 17:27 [INFO] Pedro_Cassone
[DIFF] 16:22 [INFO] Brian Potkin Perhaps "Issues Tracker" is a better term than "Issues Database".
[DIFF] 14:34 [INFO] ?DanieleForsi added DebianBug:903906
[DIFF] 12:22 [INFO] RogerShimizu fix typo
[DIFF] 10:15 [INFO] ?LauHub Correction } accolade fermante manquante
[DIFF] 07:18 [INFO] ?foockinho Upload of attachment 'plymouth-a.png'.
[DIFF] 06:49 [INFO] ?dai [1-2] #01 footnote re-numbered
#02 maintainer back to libskk and ibus-skk development
[DIFF] 06:37 [INFO] ?dai closed upstream Qt5 issues
[DIFF] 06:18 [INFO] HectorOron [1]
PaulWise [2]
#02 another talk about Debian-based system images
[DIFF] 05:39 [INFO] ElenaGjevukaj [1-9]
[DIFF] 03:42 [INFO] NoahMeyerhans [1-2]
[DIFF] 02:43 [INFO] PaulWise add DebConf18
[DIFF] 01:09 [INFO] ?Benjamin Libinput driver article
[DIFF] 21:32 [INFO] ?VagrantCascadian document using sbuild to cross-build with prebuilt toolchains
[DIFF] 14:17 [INFO] PeeKaa
[DIFF] 13:02 [INFO] FrancescaCiceri fixed dead repository link (alioth → salsa)
[DIFF] 04:26 [INFO] PaulWise [1]
?Yosuke Otsuki [2-4]
#01 update other link too
[DIFF] 03:27 [INFO] ?Benjamin [1-2]
[DIFF] 02:46 [INFO] ?Yosuke Otsuki












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