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[DIFF] 11m ago [INFO] LauraArjona [1-2] #01 remove the 2013 link since it's down in the "Talks" section
#02 add some more recent links
[DIFF] 39m ago [INFO] ?JonasGenannt
[DIFF] 52m ago [INFO] RenataDAvila [1-2]
[DIFF] 75m ago [INFO] ?GregorHerrmann [1-2] #01 link to separate alioth→salsa mail as well
#02 add link to 2018-01-21 report
[DIFF] 16:44 [INFO] RaphaelHertzog
[DIFF] 16:10 [INFO] ?SergeiGolovan [1-2]
[DIFF] 15:51 [INFO] RaphaelHertzog Add helper script to disable repositories
[DIFF] 15:06 [INFO] ?jbicha add list of packages named differently from their git repos
[DIFF] 13:05 [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1-2] #01 add copyright for Guo and Frans
#02 add copyright for Allan
[DIFF] 12:56 [INFO] HolgerLevsen add copyright for Allan
[DIFF] 12:54 [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1-3] #01 correct year
#02 add copyright for Jiří
#03 add copyright for Anders
[DIFF] 12:51 [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1-6] #01 Revert to revision 25. that was for audacity…
#02 add copyright for Anders
#03 add copyright for Allan
#04 update copyright for Claudio
#05 update copyright for Claudio
#06 update copyright for my work on debian-edu-doc
[DIFF] 12:51 [INFO] ?SebastianS
[DIFF] 12:44 [INFO] HolgerLevsen Stretch is the current release
[DIFF] 12:43 [INFO] HolgerLevsen Stretch is the current release
[DIFF] 12:43 [INFO] HolgerLevsen Stretch is the current release
[DIFF] 12:43 [INFO] HolgerLevsen Stretch is the current release
[DIFF] 12:43 [INFO] HolgerLevsen Stretch is the current release
[DIFF] 11:19 [INFO] AriPollak [1-2] #01 Automatically updated by
#02 Automatically updated by
[DIFF] 11:10 [INFO] ColinWatson [1-3] #01 openssh-ssh1
#02 HTTPS all the things
#03 alioth → salsa
[DIFF] 02:54 [INFO] PaulWise Planet Debian svn -> git, http -> https
[DIFF] 02:53 [INFO] ?NicholasDSteeves [1-3] #01 fix typo and clarification
#02 Add citation for last addition
#03 add warning about < linux-4.14 ssd allocator bug, and add workaround
[DIFF] 23:32 [INFO] ?DashamirHoxha
[DIFF] 21:44 [INFO] SamuelThibault update git URL
[DIFF] 21:43 [INFO] SamuelThibault update git URL
[DIFF] 20:41 [INFO] SebastienBadia Migration to salsa
[DIFF] 19:25 [INFO] moomoc document speech volume/speed key strokes in installation
[DIFF] 18:15 [INFO] BenFinney Request Debian package names.
[DIFF] 16:23 [INFO] ?AlexMuntada Announcement draft
[DIFF] 16:07 [INFO] ?JackBates
[DIFF] 11:20 [INFO] ThomasKoch [1-2] #02 format table, add Thomas Koch
[DIFF] 11:11 [INFO] ?Joy [1-3] #01 had to run another update so indices for swapped architectures would get downloaded properly
#02 document a critical junction i had observed
#03 sectioning
[DIFF] 10:49 [INFO] lamby assignation → assignments
[DIFF] 01:27 [INFO] ?StuartPrescott Add "debian-security" to security.d.o URLs since that is the preferred form now
[DIFF] 21:26 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 04:41 [INFO] Sebul [1-3]
[DIFF] 22:33 [INFO] ?saluton the special handling for clearing special bits was missing. Also, Case 4 was just wrong, so that I deleted it.
[DIFF] 21:21 [INFO] ?Joy [1-4] #01 fmt fix
#02 update procedure after wheezy-backports dropped the package; use sqlite3 directory so dbconfig-common works
[DIFF] 21:11 [INFO] Ana
[DIFF] 16:04 [INFO] BorisPek
[DIFF] 16:00 [INFO] ?PhillipBaker
[DIFF] 10:37 [INFO] ?PetterReinholdtsen Updated table based on unstable.
[DIFF] 10:17 [INFO] EmmanuelKasper Update path to new git repo
[DIFF] 10:16 [INFO] EmmanuelKasper
[DIFF] 09:18 [INFO] Praveen A
[DIFF] 07:52 [INFO] AndreasTille move entries to bottom
[DELETED] 00:46 [INFO] PaulWise moved to the main Ports page
[DIFF] 23:31 [INFO] FabianRodriguez [1-8] #02 Another name typo
#03 Adjusted file name
#04 More typos, note about mixing versions and downloading/deployin g
#05 moved ln command for conf file to right place
#06 Fixed wrong ln linking for lybmysql-java .jar
#07 Added missing JDBC driver step
#08 Edited DB commands, first included all commands which were then repeated. Added missing guacd installation.
[DIFF] 21:20 [INFO] ?VagrantCascadian [1-9] #01 tested beaglebone black
#02 tested lamobo_r1
#03 tested cubietruck plus
#04 tested wandboard solo
#05 tested cubox-i4x4
#06 tested beagleboard-x15
#07 tested odroid-xu4
#08 tested firefly-rk3288
#09 tested orange pi plus2
[DIFF] 19:35 [INFO] ?GeertStappers that 'an' is an 'and'
[DIFF] 19:11 [INFO] ?HildemarFreir [1-4]
[DIFF] 16:50 [INFO] ArturoBorreroGonzalez [1-2] #01 add more desktop information
#02 create page with basic content
[DIFF] 15:03 [INFO] Franklin G. Mendoza new source
[DIFF] 14:39 [INFO] ?JasonDuerstock initial commit
[DIFF] 14:12 [INFO] ?IntRigeri [1-3] #01 Document limitation of complain mode wrt. deny rules
#02 Suggest better source of profiles first.
#03 Don't recommend installing apparmor-profiles: deny rules are effective even in complain mode
[DIFF] 14:08 [INFO] PaulWise add more urls
[DIFF] 13:56 [INFO] ?JasonDuerstock initial commit
[DIFF] 13:40 [INFO] ?IntRigeri Done.
[DIFF] 11:12 [INFO] ?LuigiToscano krecipes: mentions the ArchLinux patch which drops qtwebkit
[DIFF] 09:43 [INFO] ?PhilippHahn +pmhahn, change table
[DIFF] 08:04 [INFO] ?AlexandreRossi mention caff
[DIFF] 06:48 [INFO] SunilMohanAdapa [1-3] #01 Update information for repro and infinoted
#02 Add instructions for manual restore
#03 Update information for radicale and ikiwiki
[DIFF] 21:38 [INFO] ?FlorianBlasel Update for several FF versions. links are up as long i can pay my bills ... since 25 years :)
[DIFF] 20:51 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 20:46 [INFO] vauss sync with English version
[DIFF] 17:25 [INFO] StephenKeeling spelling tweaks.
[DIFF] 15:58 [INFO] ?DanielPocock
[DIFF] 14:49 [INFO] SébastienVillemot [1]
JamesClarke [2-3]
ArturoBorreroGonzalez [4]
#01 Link to project of Alioth mailing list continuation
#02 -> lists.alioth.debian. org
#03 ->, -> lists.alioth.debian. org
#04 create page with basic content
[DIFF] 12:39 [INFO] ?Yosuke Otsuki
[DIFF] 11:35 [INFO] JPierreGiraud [1-3] #01 add link to korean translation
#02 add links to ru + zh_CN translations
#03 move links to d.o
[DIFF] 11:33 [INFO] JPierreGiraud [1-2] #01 add link to korean translation
#02 move links to d.o + s/http/https + link to chinese translation
[DIFF] 11:31 [INFO] JPierreGiraud add link to korean translation
[DIFF] 11:28 [INFO] JPierreGiraud move links to d.o + s/http/https + link to korean translation
[DIFF] 10:34 [INFO] Sebul [1]
JPierreGiraud [2-3]
#02 reorder language + s/http/https
#03 move links to d.o
[DIFF] 10:27 [INFO] ?JosephNuthalapati Include MediaWiki manual entry
[DIFF] 10:26 [INFO] ?JosephNuthalapati Fix headings
[DIFF] 10:17 [INFO] ?DashamirHoxha Added a co-mentor
[DIFF] 10:08 [INFO] JPierreGiraud move links to d.o + s/http/https
[DIFF] 09:56 [INFO] KumarAppaiah
[DIFF] 09:37 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 fix page link
#02 Renamed from 'InstallingDebianOn/ CuBox'. fit the naming scheme properly
[DIFF] 09:36 [INFO] PaulWise
[DIFF] 09:34 [INFO] PaulWise fit the correct naming scheme
[DIFF] 09:33 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer Replace 'Teaching Prolog' w/ more general information about available packages (education-developme nt).
[DIFF] 09:33 [INFO] PaulWise
[DIFF] 09:33 [INFO] PaulWise Renamed from 'ArmHardFloatPort/Cu Box-i'. fit the correct naming scheme
[DIFF] 06:45 [INFO] ?VagrantCascadian [1-2] #01 add link to linux-next patch and update versions for sata support
#02 known issues: Updated status for multiple CPUs and SATA support
[DIFF] 03:56 [INFO] ?PranavJain
[DIFF] 03:15 [INFO] ChuckNemeth
[DIFF] 02:48 [INFO] ChuckNemeth
[DIFF] 00:29 [INFO] JoseGatica [1-2] #02 Actualización de datos
[DIFF] 22:15 [INFO] BorisPek [1-2]
[DIFF] 20:15 [INFO] JensReyer missing word
[DIFF] 18:44 [INFO] ?DashamirHoxha [1-2]
[DIFF] 16:11 [INFO] ?DanielPocock
[DIFF] 15:50 [INFO] ?coyote Unable to load driver
[DIFF] 14:42 [INFO] ?Yosuke Otsuki
[DIFF] 13:25 [INFO] ChirayuDesai [1]
KaichungYan [2]
[DIFF] 12:13 [INFO] ?JeremyGarrouste
[DIFF] 12:12 [INFO] ?JeremyGarrouste
[DIFF] 12:09 [INFO] ?JeremyGarrouste [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:43 [INFO] ?ManuelRiel Add invoice2data author as co-mentor.
[DIFF] 08:50 [INFO] ?Kannan update git command
[DIFF] 08:45 [INFO] ?RaphaelGrewe
[DIFF] 03:32 [INFO] JoseGatica Cambios menores - Redacción y algunos errores de traducción
[DIFF] 03:01 [INFO] LucianoBello patcher.d.n as experrimentail service












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