Éric Araujo

Email: merwok@netwok.org

Nickname: merwok

I am a Debian user and Python programmer. My particular interests are the Web, XMPP, i18n, command-line interfaces, modular programs, GTK applications, and Mercurial. I like discovering elegant solutions and helping people.

In the Python world, I am a distutils and distutils2 hacker, so I want to help bridging the gap between upstream and Debian. I plan to get more involved with debian-python and maintain some packages.

I can sometimes be found on on irc://irc.freenode.net/python-dev and various other chatrooms.

I have reported a handful of bugs: from:merwok@netwok.org

In real life, I am looking for a job. I support diversity (yay Debian Women!). I like cycling and climbing.